Saturday, 19 November 2016

My Concern For You

(Bila rasa marah atau kecewa kepada sesuatu keadaan kita express berbagai cara)

You look into yourself
Void as if nothing is there
You are just what you are
No matter what you wished for
Only your imagination runs wild
You remain there just as before
You ignore your potential
You don't sharpen and strenghten your mental
You don't heighten your morale
In a weakening state
You are too late
You lag behind
Left by the speedy time
Goodies have gone
Even the crumbs
Slipping through the fingers of your hands
And you are stooped, grounded, halted and dumped
People pass you by
You watch in desperation
Overwhelmed and drowned
How do you want to catch on
Onto the train of life
When you are only there on the mat prostrating
Palms up and just hoping
Such is a picture a soul in vain
No battle you can gain
Rise my friend
Take a deep inspiration
Exhale your frustrations
With hope and determination
You shall stand tall again.

- hmg

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